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Transform the Lives of People with Disabilities

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We are Broadening our reach and Enhancing the Quality of our Programs

As we approach the close of another impactful year at Community Based Services, we are grateful for the ongoing support of our community and to share exciting news about the future of our organization. We are thrilled at the prospect of broadening our reach and enhancing the quality of our programs to better meet the diverse needs of our community and those we serve, but to succeed we need your help. The upcoming merger with In Flight, Inc., will enable the expansion of CBS programs. Your continued support plays a vital role in making these programs more accessible to people supported across the Hudson Valley and Capital Region. We are particularly excited about the potential of two key initiatives – the Hudson Valley InterArts program and the Cultivating Dreams farm.

Key Initiatives

Hudson Valley InterArts Center

The Community Based Services Hudson Valley InterArts program has been a beacon of creative expression, offering individuals of all abilities the opportunity to explore various art forms in classes led by professional artists. To extend the benefits of this program to even more individuals, we aim to establish satellite classes in Northern Dutchess and Ulster counties. Your generous donations can help us make this vision a reality, ensuring that those who are unable to travel to the art center can still access these transformative classes.

Nicole’s Journey

One of the beautiful success stories that highlights the profound impact of your support is Nicole's journey. As part of the Without Walls program, Nicole has been an active participant in innovative programming at Cultivating Dreams farm and the Hudson Valley InterArts Center. Her experiences in the arts, including painting in the renovated art barn, being featured in the "Inclusion Is..." video, exploring the joy of dance, and performing on stage in The Grinch production, have been life changing.

Nicole aptly expresses, "I love art because it really helps me. The stress that builds up in our bodies, art helps that!"

Cultivating Dreams Farm

Our Cultivating Dreams farm is another cornerstone of our mission, providing individuals of all abilities the chance to explore agricultural opportunities and develop valuable vocational skill sets in an environment that is completely accessible. Nestled on the farm is a fully furnished house, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for peer socialization and a holistic experience including nutrition, wellness, and independent living skills. To enhance this program, we are seeking support to acquire essential equipment such as a tractor and gardening tools. This addition will not only expand the scope of our programming but also contribute to the overall sustainability and growth of the farm.

Andrew: Planting the Seeds for Success

Allow me to share with you the inspiring success story of Andrew, an active participant in our programs for several years. Andrew, a determined and energetic young man, has found immense joy and purpose in our Cultivating Dreams Farm. Through the various activities offered, including learning the basics of planting, raising, and harvesting crops, honing independent living skills, and engaging in team-building activities, Andrew has blossomed into a confident and capable individual. He runs the Cultivating Dreams booth at the Taste of NY Farmers Market, where he sells the produce he has helped to grow.

Residential and Community Services

Our commitment extends to providing residential and community services that empower adults with I/DD to lead fulfilling lives. Donations in this area will support the expansion of residential options, ensuring individuals have access to safe, supportive, and inclusive living environments.

You Can Make a Difference

Your generous contribution can help us create more success stories like Nicole's and Andrew's, empowering your beloved family member and others to express themselves creatively, build meaningful connections, and overcome barriers. Your gift will provide high quality programs while keeping the costs low.

As we look ahead to a future filled with growth and possibility, we kindly request your support in the form of a donation. No matter the size, your contribution will play a significant role in realizing our vision of a more inclusive and enriching community.